Tasting of drinking honey (mead) in Veselovka near Dikanka

22.06.2013 Tasting

Art processing of honey to drink came to us from the depths of thousands of years. No one remembers who first made and sugary foods for a nutritious drink that cheers the soul and warms the body.

Drinking honey or mead, natural product, produced with honey and spring water with yeast. Before I get to the glasses, made by natural drink for a long time and matures illuminated.

Know that it is right to say "drinking honey" instead of "mead" because traditional mead could call a drink or light, and therefore unstable, or even a mixture of vodka with bee honey. The term "drinking honey" is used in a mead-brewer circle of professionals. However, if you prefer more "mead" use the word health.

In "Merry Manor" continue old Ukrainian tradition of making honey and drinking are invited to take part in tasting treat several kinds of drinks.

For a treat, several different types of products are available to choose a master-medovar. Usually, it is honey put, honey boiled and honey with the addition of fruit juice, or spicy-aromatic additives, such as spices, or herbs.

The treat is accompanied by the story of the master-medovar about the history and today's day of the drink and the technological features of its production. And the guests will hear poems of the author-medovar, written with humor and to the occasion.

Drinks of "Happy Manor" - repeated participants and winners of various competitions on medovareniyu in Ukraine.

We treat groups and individually.

The cost is **** UAH. The maximum number in the group is 50 people.

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