Oposhnya: pottery festival 2018

06.04.2016 For tourists

What awaits the traveler, always such a thirsting spectacle?

The National Pottery Festival is a real feast of traditional Ukrainian pottery, the cultural transformation of the Potter's Day was the so-called holiday in Opishna before the birth of the festival event.

In addition to the holiday for Oposhni guests, the festival is also a creative laboratory of ceramist artists, which annually unites uncommon talents in a single inspiration.

The pottery festival changed its name for 11 years of its existence, but despite this, its essence remained the same: its goal is the revival of ancient pottery traditions, the representation in all its completeness of the creative nature of the pottery profession and the presentation of works by Ukrainian ceramic masters.

In this year, 2018, on June 30, Oposhnya again invites guests who are not indifferent to the traditional ceramic art.

In the framework of the Nishnya event, such program activities are held.

Pottery master classes are art studios where participants can touch the mystery of the birth of a clay product and make their first product with their own hands.

maxresdefault_1.jpgPottery E- Academy in Opishna

The festival-contest of potter's body painting "BodyCeramicFestUkraine" is an enchanting artistic action, expressed in decorating a person's body on the theme of pottery and using pottery raw materials (clay or engobes).

20160625-dsc_5935.jpgFestival-contest of pottery body-painting "BodyCeramicFestUkraine" in Opishna

The blacksmith festival "Vakulafest" is a festival of blacksmith's art.

580.jpgForging festival "Vakula-fest" in Opishna

Pottery and art fairs, where you can buy a variety of, in many cases, unique items made by skilled craftsmen.

88d077307a064a7685ea3c0cf29423ec.jpgPottery and art fair in Opishna

The holiday starts at 10.00

Useful information for the guests of the pottery festival in Opishna.

The holiday is held in the center of the village, parking lots are more than enough and they are free.

Entrance to the territory of the festival is paid, organizers mark payment with a stamp on the hand, that is, pay once and you can go out and go as much as necessary, most importantly, make sure that the paint that made the mark is not erased.

Stock up on money, because there is something to buy at the festival in Opishna: many local craftsmen sell their products.

The food block, as a rule, is represented by several points, it is tasty prepared and inexpensively sold - you will not remain hungry.

Do not forget to buy Opshnya gingerbread, which Poltava craftsmen who revived the forgotten folk art of the carrot, are made especially for the pottery festival, generously decorating their products with posashnian ceramic motifs.

If you want to eat real local dumplings and dumplings - visit the "Merry Manor", where you not only gorgue to the dump, inspect the elegant territory and museum exhibits, but you can spend the night in comfortable hotel rooms.

How to get from the Oposhni to the "Gay Manor", see on the map:

Come to the feast of pottery in Opishna - you will be satisfied with the holiday and hospitality of Poltava residents.

PS: do not forget to visit the poshony market of ceramics, which is located on the road, next to the bus station. There it is possible to buy a variety of ceramic products, not only from the Opishnya masters, but also from other regions of Ukraine.

20180214_120451.jpgCeramic products market in Opishna, Poltava region

In addition to market shelves, you can find other outlets nearby. Recommended, for example, here is a little shop. In it, you can buy products of the Pothonyan potters, which are not sold on the market.

20180214_120431.jpgThe shop of the pottery from the Opishna ceramics near the ceramic market in Opishna, Poltava region