Lilac Grove - early May

13.03.2014 For tourists

Once, in the days Kochubey, the site of the modern lilac pit was a quarry from which clay was extracted for commercial purposes, but rather to produce clay brick Kochubeivs'ka.

But if bidnity clay mining began, the question of what could be in place so big, the size of about two hectares of lions?

So Basil Kochubei, master judge then troops Zaporizhzhya and had the idea to plant lilacs territory thus find a cure for tuberculosis, which suffered his daughter Anna.

Seeds were brought from all over Europe, creating a variety of varieties of incredible beauty.

gai.jpgFlowering lilacs under Dikanka

At Anna lilac grove that is entered at the time of flowering, made a big impression, it really got better. And vidtsviv lilac and life kochubeyevoyi daughter began to fade ...

Laid grove in the early 19th century. Unfortunately, there is today in its wealth of varieties, and regardless of the riot of spring lilac scent of its flowers unrivaled annually attracts thousands of visitors.

Flowering time in his purple lilac grove Dikan community marks an interesting event - a festive folk festivals "Songs lilac grove."

gai-kontsert_1.jpgHoliday "Song of the Lilac Grove" near Dikanka

Of course, the celebration is held in the first half of May, approximately 8-9 May, but no exact dates for lilacs can bloom later. To get more accurate information should be closer to May to monitor the information on the website addresses in Dykanka.

Site Dikan district administration -

We invite you to enjoy the blooms of lilacs near Dikanka, walk on holiday, buy works of artists, listen to songs and folk groups.

And eat and a glass or two incline Welcome to "Fan house", in the village Veselivka located very close to the venue of celebrations Lilac Grove, 15 km.

And we want to stay, we have a good offer.